Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips

First impressions count!

Look over the following list of areas that may need attention when preparing the exterior of your property:


Lawn - Keep your lawns cut, with neat edges. Reseed any bare patches and perhaps fertilise for additional colour.


Shrubs/Trees  - Trim branches where necessary, especially around windows to allow natural light into the house. Remove any dead limbs.


Garden Beds - If appropriate, plant colourful flowers. Also add mulch to beds and remove all weeds. Perhaps place showy annuals in pots near the house entrance.


Paths - Keep all paths swept


Windows - Repair any broken windows and wash all glass.


Eaves - Wash and remove spider webs.


Drains/Spouts - Unblock and clean.


Paintwork - Attend to any flaking paint after discussion with your agent.


Doors - Wash down your front door and its surrounds, polish brass fitting and repair any torn fly wire.


Fences - Straighten, repair or repaint only after discussion with your agent.


Junk/Rubbish - Remove all junk and rubbish, e.g. car parts.


Pools/Ponds - Make sure these are clean.


Garage - Keep your garage door closed